Thursday, October 4, 2012

Through Bzz Agent I was asked to try a new foundation and powder. I received a free bottle of Covergirl & Olay foundation along with a presswed powder compact. I love trying new things for free at Bzz Agent in exchange for my opinions. I am like a kid at Christmas with my Bzz Kits. This one I pulled out of the mailbox on my way to pick my husband up from work. He was running a little late so I tore into the package and opened it up. I wanted to try the makeup right away so I applied it in the car with just my fingers and it actually looked flawless. I was in shock. You only need a little of the foundation. It is light and so foolproof to put on. I am exactly giving up my Mary Kay to purchase this product in the future. Great job Covergirl!

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