Thursday, October 25, 2012

Keep Going

I have dropped about 10 pounds. I am beginning to feel better. Some of the medical test have come back and other than a few vitamin deficiencies nothing alarming has come back so far. I struggle with cutting the sweets out. I have avoided fast food all but 1 time so that for me is amazing. I can do this for me and my beautiful daughters.

Monday, October 15, 2012

My Journey Back

I have been meaning and wanting to do this for awhile but lack the courage/motivation. I am changing the focus of my blog somewhat. I will still pass along any great deals that I find and any tricks that I find to keep me making money from home, however I am going to include my journey back to myself as well. I think it may be good for me to put it in writing. I have put on alot of weight over the past couple years and am now suffering from anxiety. I saw my doctor and he prescribed zoloft to help which I had an adverse reaction to and ended up trying to not lose my mind as I suffered through a 12 hour long panic attack. I went back to the doctors and he switched it to Welbutrin and ordered a bunch of bloodwork and other test. I am having the bloodwork done tomorrow and went for a stress test at the end of last week. Just knowing that I had to have that done scares me. I know that I have repeatedly abused my body and ate junk for years, and the only time that I was truely happy was when I was thinner and eating healthy. I understand now ( yes I am one that has to learn for myself) that eating junk not only shortens your life but always can lead to many other things. I am going to survive all of this - learn to eat healthy - and get to a point where I no longer need anxiety medication. I have been trying to wean myself off from caffiene as a first step. I am limiting my diet cola addiction down from the only thing I ever drank to 32 ounces a day for a week or so. I have began adding drinking water in to replace the diet sodas I am no longer drinkng. From there I will continue to lower it til I only have the occasional glass. I always have stopped getting lunch from drive thrus. Small steps I know, but they need to be lasting habits so I have to be sure I do it right this time.

Glade Expressions

Through Bzz Agents I was given the chance to try another great product for free in return for my opinions. Glade Expressions® Collection was my bzz kit this time I purchased the oil diffuser which I loved. I goCotton & t the Pineapple & Mangosteen. It smelt great and lasted for quite awhile. I wanted to try the Cotton & Italian Mandarin in the diffuser but my local store only had it in the spray. I got the spray and love the scent but rather use the iol diffuser so the scent is always in the room. I can't wait to find the scent I want in the form I want.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Through Bzz Agent I was asked to try a new foundation and powder. I received a free bottle of Covergirl & Olay foundation along with a presswed powder compact. I love trying new things for free at Bzz Agent in exchange for my opinions. I am like a kid at Christmas with my Bzz Kits. This one I pulled out of the mailbox on my way to pick my husband up from work. He was running a little late so I tore into the package and opened it up. I wanted to try the makeup right away so I applied it in the car with just my fingers and it actually looked flawless. I was in shock. You only need a little of the foundation. It is light and so foolproof to put on. I am exactly giving up my Mary Kay to purchase this product in the future. Great job Covergirl!