Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another box - Even the kids love this one

As it says in the blog title - I have been trying new things to save money. Anything that saves or earns even a buck or two - I will try. I applied on two party websites to host parties. I just finished a Green Works Party for House Party and just received a box for MYGETTOGETHER. My kids (who love chocolate) started yelling when I opened this box. I am excited about it too.

This is a picture of the box that I got when I had the Green Works Party last week

I love working with these two sites. It is hard to get to be a party host though.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Job Eve

I have been trying for a couple of years to get a real work from home job. Something that is not a rip off, or scam and comes with benefits. I am happy to say that I think I have found it. The training is pretty intense and starts tomorrow. I am hoping that I do well. Once training is complete and I am actually working I will blog about the company. Wish me luck.

WOM - Loving the BZZ

I am really glad that I decided to become a BzzAgent. I have been selected for Redbox, Maybeline,, Factor Tree, SC Johnson, and now Clartin.

Let me back up for a minute for those who don't know about BzzAgent. BzzAgent is a super cool site that allows people to try new products for free and in return you provide your opinion and share your thoughts with friends and family. Here is a link for non member FAQ page.

So back to my latest campaign. I agreed to sign up for the Children's Clartin campaign, because one of my daughters has year round allegries. She is prescribed by her doctor to take Clartin on a daily basis. She often complains that the medicine is "hot". When sick she will take grape flavored medicine without complaint, so when I read about the campaign and saw that it was grape flavored that I would be trying - I got alittle excited. She has to take it anyway so I would love to try to see if the grape flavoring makes a difference for her.

I will post again on after she trys it for a few days. Let's see if the grape flavor makes a difference.

Here is a photo of my latest Bzzkit.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Monday Blog Hop

Happy Monday Blog Hop

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Blog Hops are fun and its a great way to meet new people and gain followers

April Fools Day

I love any holiday with my children. Even the smallest of days are important to them. Today, we had to play pranks on just about everyone.
I enjoy making special cupcakes for the kids in my life. For April Fools Day I made Spaghetti Cupcakes(Hello Cupcakes) for my nieces and nephews and my friend's kids. I always photograph the cupcakes when finished and save the pictures. This time I couldn't take pictures of the finished product however because I needed the parents to put the "sauce and Meatballs" on them right before the kids saw them so the frosting wouldn't get ruined. My girlfriend said she took a picture though so when I get a copy of it I will post it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WOM - The Factor Tree

I was asked through the website Bzz Agent to review the website The Factor Tree. I received a one month trial as part of the Bzz Agaent program. This website offeres math help for students beginning at grade K. I was excited to try it. I had my oldest daugther who is currently in Kindergarten sit down with me and try it. We started with the test to see where she was. It asked her to count several times, name three shapes and read 3 clocks. It is just questions nothing to hold the interest of children. Nothing moves or makes noise and even the pictures are not that interesting. The only thing she couldn't do is tell time. The website then is suppose to give you worksheets to help them in math. The worksheets they suggested for her where counting. She completed one and was bored and wouldn't do anymore. We did a total of 4 minutes worth of work before she bailed. We didn't like the website.

<img src="" alt=""/>
One of the websites I was asked to check was Because I am a Buzz Agent I received a free one month trial. I thought that it appeared to be a good website and the lessons (mostly math and science) were easy to understand. However I have small children and this website is not practial for this time of my life.


I got an email a while back to check out Bzz Agent. A WOM agency. I signed up and was given a Red Box campaign. I received a free code and was asked to write a reveiw after. It was easy. I did it and then didn't hear anything from the website for quite awhile. I received some emails after that asking me to participate in four more. I received free full size lipsticks from Maybelline. I also recieved a box with 2 Glade products, 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Products and a can of Pledge. I also received two software codes to try some educational websites. I will also post my reveiws on this page too. So far it seems pretty easy and the box of cleaners defiantely cut down on the amount I have to spend on cleaners this month. They let you know it is important to always let people know you are a Buzz Agent and you received something in exchange for your reveiw.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Beginning

I am a former workaholic. I always worked two jobs and didn't mind. Once I had children, my life changed. I no longer wanted to work outside of my home.
I am a mother of two young girls. I am only working one day a week outside of the home. I am trying out different ways to save money to help me stop working completely and to help my family become debt free, while still being able to afford my children's education. I will be trying methods found on the Internet. I will Blog on those that are effective and those that are a waste of time, and about anything else that comes along.