Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day

I love any holiday with my children. Even the smallest of days are important to them. Today, we had to play pranks on just about everyone.
I enjoy making special cupcakes for the kids in my life. For April Fools Day I made Spaghetti Cupcakes(Hello Cupcakes) for my nieces and nephews and my friend's kids. I always photograph the cupcakes when finished and save the pictures. This time I couldn't take pictures of the finished product however because I needed the parents to put the "sauce and Meatballs" on them right before the kids saw them so the frosting wouldn't get ruined. My girlfriend said she took a picture though so when I get a copy of it I will post it.


  1. Hi! I'm following you on the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop! This is my first Blog Hop, so thank you for making it very easy and uncomplicated!

    I look forward to seeing what the completed cupcakes look like! Is that real spagetti on top, or did you use a fondant with an extruder?

    Come visit me sometime at Twice Blessed Life - Raising Twins Heartistically!
    -Lara N.

  2. WOW that is very creative! cannot wait to see the picture! Im following you back from the weekend blog hop.

    Great Blog

  3. How funny, looking forward to the final pic.


  4. Wow...interesting and unique! Following you from the Find New Friends blog hop. Please stop by when you get a chance!