Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WOM - The Factor Tree

I was asked through the website Bzz Agent to review the website The Factor Tree. I received a one month trial as part of the Bzz Agaent program. This website offeres math help for students beginning at grade K. I was excited to try it. I had my oldest daugther who is currently in Kindergarten sit down with me and try it. We started with the test to see where she was. It asked her to count several times, name three shapes and read 3 clocks. It is just questions nothing to hold the interest of children. Nothing moves or makes noise and even the pictures are not that interesting. The only thing she couldn't do is tell time. The website then is suppose to give you worksheets to help them in math. The worksheets they suggested for her where counting. She completed one and was bored and wouldn't do anymore. We did a total of 4 minutes worth of work before she bailed. We didn't like the website.